Shares are videos, music, photos or any files you want to share or sell to others.

Shares can be private or public and can be put behind a ligthning paywall if you wish.

Most shares are torrents hosted on private servers. Some shares are hosted within a web browser and some are hosted by lntorrent. These servers are either controlled or owned by the creator of the share or by a group of the creators friends known as a clan.

Your clan can help you with the cost of hosting and distribution of your shares. Some folks in your clan may may want to help you with promoting your share.


A pod is a group of shares.

Pods can be private or public and a pod can be behind a lightning paywall if you wish.

Pods help you organise your shares for your clan to use.


A clan is a group of folks who come together to organise shares or pods.

A clan help with the hosting of shares. They can also help with the promotion of shares.

Your clan is the power behind a share.


A torrent is a file that is hosted by a network of computers forming a peer of nodes which share the cost of hosting and distribution. This network of peers makes the torrent censorship resistant.

A torrent can be hosted in your browser (but keep your tab open and laptop/mobile on) or on a set of computers you own or control or is operated by folks in your clan. Your clan can form a network of peers.


Lightning is a peer to peer network built on top of the Bitcoin network. It streams bitcoins into your wallet.

lntorrent operates a set of lightning nodes but you are free to operate your own lightning node.

You will need a wallet and you will want some bitcoins.

Don't have any bitcoin? Don't worry we can help you earn some.


Bitcoin is a decentralized peer to peer network that operates a tamper resistant ledger for a digital currency.


A lightning wallet helps you hold your bitcoin securely. It is where the bitcoin your shares earn will be deposited the instant you have earned it. This is streaming money.

You can also use your wallet to pay for access to premium shares or pods. You can support creators of shares by forming a clan around them. You can also use your wallet to pay for others to help you host your shares or to promote your shares.

Why use lightning and torrents

Both lightning and torrents are peer to peer networks. This makes it censorship resistant. Your share cannot be stopped and your money cannot be confiscated. It is also extremely cost effective.

You made your share. You earned your money. You keep it.